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Zac and Tay


"Dammit, Taylor, I'm gettin' real tired of you! Would you just shut up sometimes! I'm tired of all your banging on shit, your constant humming of songs, it's all getting on my nerves!"

"Isaac, you don't have to yell, I mean, we--"

"Shut up! I'm sick and tired of your voice! I'm going out," and with that, Isaac Hanson grabbed a set of car keys (they belonged to their dad's car) and stormed out the door. When Tay heard the door slam he burst into tears.

The Hanson's parents and their three other siblings were gone for the afternoon, leaving the three, older (and supposedly more mature) brothers at home.

Zac came out of his room, a few tears sliding down his cheek.

"I heard, Tay," Zac said, sitting next to his older brother who was on his knees in the middle of the living room floor, bawling. Zac wrapped his arms around Tay and gave a squeeze. Tay's weeps became softer.

"Zac, why does he always have to overreact like that? Sometimes, it just makes me want to kill him!" Tay said, slowly standing up with the help of Zac.

"I know, Tay, but sometimes you just gotta let stuff go, forget him. Come on back to our room, we'll work stuff out there better."

The two boys walked down the hall and into their room. Zac sat on the bed while Tay walked over to the dresser to get a new shirt; the drink he was holding at the time of the argument spilled all over him when he fell.

Tay slid his wet shirt over his head, revealing a nice body. It wasn't muscular, but it was pleasant to the eyes. Zac (who had had a crush on his older brother for a while, now) stared at his brother's naked chest. He noticed Tay's nipples becoming erect because of the cold room. His little tummy heaved in and out. A tent formed in Zac's jeans. He looked down at Tay's extremely tight fitting leather pants.

"Zac!" Tay said, looking at his brother. "Where have you been, in La-La Land?" Tay looked down at his younger brothers growing member.

"Oh, Zac..." Tay said, moving closer.

Zac stood up and walked toward his brother. They wrapped their arms around each other. Zac's hands felt all over Tay's back, they slipped down into the waist of his pants. He somehow got his hand under the elastic of his boxers and began feeling the top of Tay's butt.

Tay gave a moan that sounded like the begining to "Yearbook". They parted and Tay shoved his little brother on the bed. He moved in, grasping the bottom of Zac's shirt, ripping it over his head. Then, he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off of him, and finally, the boxers gaurding the prize came off.

Zac's small, hairless dick was erect and laying on his belly. Tay grasped it and held it straight up, then went down on it, taking it all in his mouth. Zac's penis was not long enough to reach the back of Tay's throat yet. Zac moaned and groaned. He began to moved his hips in a rythem that simulated fucking, so, it would appear that Zac was fucking Tay's face.

Zac shivered and bucked, he threw his head back and screamed. This was way better than jacking off. His long golden locks began to matt to his forehead because he was sweating. Tay rubbed his hands all over Zac's chest. Finally, Tay was rewarded with Zac's boy spunk. It filled his mouth and Tay eagerly gulped it down.

Zac sat up, his dick now limp and hanging against his hairless nuts. "Man, Tay, that was...spectacular."

Tay leaned in and planted a passionate kiss on Zac's mouth. Their tounges explored each other's mouth. Zac ran his fingers through Tay's golden locks as Tay did Zac.

"But, Tay..." Zac said, parting the kiss and placing his hand on Tay's nipple, "It's my turn," and with that, they switched spots.

Zac kneeled down on the floor and rubbed his hand around Tay's smooth chest. Tay giggled. "That tickles, Zac." Zac ran his fingers down to the button of his pants. He undid them and unzipped them. He struggled to pull them down; the were so tight against Tay's skin.

Tay's red and white striped boxers (the same one's he wore in the "Where's the Love" video) had a tent in them. Zac rubbed his hand on Tay's dick. Tay leaned his head back, squinting his eyes shut. His mouth hung ajar and his golden hair fell back behind him.

Zac grabbed the insides of Tay's boxers and pulled them down. Tay's seven inch boner popped out and smacked against his stomach. Zac went down and took Tay's plump nuts into his mouth. He sucked on them; Tay moaned and looked down at his little brother eagerly sucking away at his balls.

Zac let the balls drop out of his mouth and took Tay's hard tool into his hungry mouth. His head bobbed up and down, going faster and faster. Tay squirmed and ran his fingers through Zac's hair. He ran his hand down Zac's back and grabben ahold of one of Zac's ass cheeks and squeezed.

"ZAC!! ZAC, I'M GOING...TO..." but, before Tay could finish, his load erupted from his uncut head and down Zac's throat. The salty-sweet taste made Zac lick and slurp all of it down.

Tay sat up and hugged his little brother. "Zac...I love you," Tay said, staring into his eyes.

"I love you, too."

Then, they heard the sound of a car. They raced to the drawers, their limp dicks swaying. They grabbed a pair of boxers, jeans and a shirt and slipped them on. Then, they ran out to the living room. Tay looked down at his younger brother and noticed a drop of cum hanging from the corner of his mouth. He took his index finger, scooped up the drop and licked his finger. Zac smiled.

In walked their parent's. "Well, hello, you two. Where's Isaac?" Walker asked.

"He went...out," Tay said while Zac pointed to the window.

"Well, what did you two do while Isaac and the rest of us were gone?" their mother asked.

The two boys looked at each other, smiled and looked back at them. "Oh, nothing," they said in unision.


"Tay...remember a few days ago...when Ike got all mad and left and know?" Zac asked one night when Ike was at a friends house and their parent's were at some big party and the other kids were at a babysitters across town.

"Yeah, why?" Tay asked, peering over the bed and down at Zac.

"Well...I want to do it again," he said, staring at his brother's face.

"You're not the only one," Tay said while jumping onto his brothers bed, landing on top of Zac.

They stared into each other's eyes, Zac rubbed Tay's hair and Tay caressed Zac's cheek. They kissed, ramming their tounges into each other's mouth's. Their heads moved 'round and 'round, and they gave off soft moans.

They parted and Tay reached down and peeled Zac's shirt off of him. Tay licked, bit and played with Zac's nipples. Zac squirmed: he was extremely sensitive to Tay's touch. Tay moved down and pulled down Zac's boxers. Seeing that small, hairless cock turned Tay on even more. He took Zac's prick into his mouth, bobbing up and down, faster and faster, harder and harder. Tay was working Zac's shaft with his tounge.

Zac bucked his hips, gave a wimper and blew his cum down Tay's throat. Tay moaned and, if you looked at the right angle, you could see that Tay was smiling. Tay grasped the now limp penis and licked it all over, drinking every available drop of cum.

Tay looked up at Zac who was sweaty. "Tay...fuck me," Zac said.

Tay stood up, took off his shirt, then his boxers. His six inch tool stood straight out from his body. A small tuft of blonde hair surrounded his dick.

Zac got up and got on all fours, his ass facing Tay. Tay moved forward, "Nu-uh, little man, I need my cock lubed first."

Zac immediately turned around and swallowed Tay's penis. He licked it all over, slurping, getting it nice and wet. Tay's head was leaned back; his eyes shut. Tay looked down at his brother and patted his back; a sign to say "that's good."

Zac spun back around, and before he could think anything else, Tay rammed his rock hard dick into Zac's virgin ass-hole. Tay screamed, as did Zac. The pain soon turned to pleasure.

Tay pulled his cock almost all the way out of Zac's hole then rammed it back in, over and over. Tay's hair matted to his forehead and neck. Beads of sweat rolled down his neck, over his nipples and down to his stomach.

Tay shivered, fucked harder and harder, then blew his wad into Zac's ass. Zac screamed. Tay slid his limp penis out of his younger brother. They colappsed on each other.

"'s my turn." Zac said, leaning in to kiss his brother.

"Okay," Tay said.

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